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Harrisburg home security tips
January 13, 2021

5 Home Security Tips For Harrisburg

Most people want to feel safeguarded in their own homes. But what should you do to find that peace of mind? From smart lights to home alarm systems, here are 5 home security tips for Harrisburg that you can easily put to use. Read these steps, and you will be able to cozy up in your safe and secure home.

Harrisburg Home Security Tip #1: Illuminate Your Home

Outdoor light fixtures remain one of the topmost obstacles for burglars in Harrisburg. That's because thieves like to be in the dark where nobody can notice them. An illuminated porch and yard means less corners to conceal oneself and denotes you are at home.

To ensure your home is well-lit, take a stroll around your home to find potential dim corners. Shed and pool areas are perfect places to hang a floodlight. A stand-up lamp post by the street or solar lamps can light a walkway or garden. Then make sure your front porch lights have bright enough bulbs in them. Just make sure to activate everything every evening, or program them through your Harrisburg home security system to automatically activate at a specific time.

Harrisburg Home Security Tip #2: Lock Your Doors

Locking up your doors is easy, but this nightly ritual is many times overlooked. How many times have you got out of bed and found the door open and unlocked? Or arrived home from work with the garage door standing wide open?

Smart locks make your life smarter and they might be the answer to this problem. Using an app, you can check in on your locks' status and remotely lock your doors. Give each member of your family a personal PIN number, and receive alerts when your kids come home. Or set your doors to bolt 30 seconds after you close the door. You can even put in a garage door sensor that lets you know when it’s left open.

Harrisburg Home Security Tip #3: Meet Your Neighbors

It’s great when you have an added set of eyes watching your house. In fact, your next door neighbor could be the first to find an unsavory person casing your back yard or an unfamiliar car in the drive when you're out of town. Neighbors are also needed when other calamities come up when you're away, such as a broken window or smoke flowing from a window.

Don’t forget to let your trusted neighbors know when you take off for a getaway. If anything happens, they can check in on the house and call you or emergency personnel. Hand over the keys before you go or issue a non-permanent PIN if you use a smart lock. Then give back when they take off for their next getaway.

Harrisburg home security camera tips

Harrisburg Home Security Tip #4: Put up Security Cameras

An inside camera can help you locate what's bumping in the middle of the night. Outside cameras will show you a part of your house that can’t be seen from a window, like around your chimney or shed door. And a doorbell camera is a great way to stop your packages from disappearing from the doorway.

Placing a security camera on your Harrisburg home or in a room used to be a pain, as wiring always seemed to be hard to work with. Fortunately, you can now hang a camera almost anywhere and sync it to a security system through cellular wireless technology. Then you can view clips or get notifications through your mobile app of suspicious movement.

Harrisburg Home Security Tip #5: Get A Whole Home Security System

Putting in a modern alarm system could be the ideal method to feel completely secure in your home. First, you can easily control your smart lights, smart locks, and video cameras through the system’s touchscreen key panel or smartphone app. Then add services like smoke and CO detectors, door sensors, and glass break sensors.

If a device does go off, your monitoring agents have everything under control. They'll quickly contact you to see that you and your family are in a safe place, then contact emergency dispatch. And with alarm monitoring services, you’re more protected when you’re home or away!

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